CR1 Visa from Thailand

CR1 Visa from Thailand

The CR1 visa from Thailand is explained below as a conditional resident visa for the United States. Note that this is not the same IR1 visa or immediate relative visa. The CR1 visa is for those who have been married for less than 2 years. This while the IR1 visa is for those who have been married for longer than two years. Also take a look at the K3 visa from Thailand if you are considering the CR1 visa and see which is best for you.

CR1 Visa from Thailand

Much like the other spouse visas you will need to ensure that you have registered the marriage. Traditional marriages are not valid for the spouse visa. This could be either the traditional Thai marriage or the traditional Islamic marriage in Thailand. Both needs to be registered for the US spouse visa to be acceptable. The date of the registration will count as the first day of your marriage for visa purposes.

Note that polygamy is not allowed for the US spouse visas. The CR1 visa as well as the IR1 and K3 visas will only allow one spouse to be on the visa application. The US does not recognize polygamous marriages. The CR1 visa starts with the filing of Form I-130 which is applying for an Alien Relative petition and this starts with the USCIS, Homeland Security. When this is completed, it will be forwarded to the National Visa Centre (NVC) and then a visa interview to be scheduled in Thailand.

CR1 Visa documents

You will need to be older than 18 and also meet the financial requirements which has been set by US immigration services. This is called the Affidavit of Support and you can see the financial requirement based on the US poverty lines. The forms needed would be the Form I-130 for the CR1 visa from Thailand as well as the Form I-864 or the other Form O-864EZ. Always take legal advice in Thailand about these forms and what is needed. Speak to a lawyer at a Bangkok law firm for more information. This is the CR1 visa from Thailand.

For the interview, you will need to show that all government fees been paid, with the medical report which should still be in its sealed envelope. Normally, your lawyer will have this. So you need to have the proof of the Form I-130 fee. This as well as the Form DS-260 fee, Medical examination as well as vaccinations fees in Thailand.

You will need to consider all your options as the timelines for the K3 visa and CR1 visa are very different. Speak to a lawyer about this in Thailand. Should you be in a hurry, then the K3 visa would be an option which is quicker than the other. If you time is not so much of an issue, then consider either CR1 or the IR1. Speak to an immigration lawyer in Thailand about these difference and options.

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