Form DS-160

Form DS-160

This explains the Form DS-160 in the US visa application process. If you are applying for a US fiancée visa then you have to complete the Form DS-160 in the process. Once you have filed the I-129F petition documents to the USCIS, once approved, it will be moved to the US Department of States before it is processed and moved to Bangkok for the visa interview at the US Embassy, Thailand. Always take legal advice when it comes to the K1 visa application from Thailand as well as with the child under the K2 visa as child derivative.

What is the Form DS-160?

Upon approval of your I-129F petition, within 30 days, they will provide you with a notice of it being approved. The USCIS will also advise you as well when to proceed with the next stage until the date and time for your visa interview in Bangkok. Documents required for the DS-160 are the following.

  • You will need to have two passport photos of your beneficiary for the DS-160;
  • You will need to provide the original birth certificate of your Thai fiancée;
  • Also you will need to provide a copy of beneficiary’s Thai passport, ensure it is valid for many years;
  • You will need to provide beneficiary’s police clearance certificate not older than six months;
  • The visa medical examination results of your beneficiary;

Sponsor Documents

You will also need to provide certain documents about yourself as the sponsor. These are included below but not limited to these. Speak to a lawyer about what else might be needed as the US immigration process does change.

  • You will need to provide a copy of your passport
  • Also you will need to provide your birth certificate;
  • You must include your affidavit of support, Form I-134;
  • Also your most recent tax returns (Proof of Income/ Funds);
  • Proof of relationship

The beneficiary’s documents such as birth certificate must be obtained from the local Amphur office in Bangkok or her home town to get an original or certified copy of birth certificate. Also ensure that her passport validity date will be at least for 2 years more since once in the US you do not need to rush for passport renewal before she becomes a permanent resident of the US.

Government Documents 

Police clearance certificates are done in Bangkok with Special Branch police and you can see elsewhere on this website in detail about this. The medical examination for the US visa in Thailand, on the other hand, is explained here as well. Note that the visa denial based on medical issues are also stated on this website for more insights. You will be guided on what is needed as well as what can go wrong with the medical examination and how this might also affect you.

See the CR1 visa from Thailand on this website as well. There is also the IR1 visa from Thailand, so read more on this website before you contact lawyer for a full and detailed answer. Most questions are covered on this website.

One important part of the application are the documents to prove that the relationship is valid and real. This requires emails, photos and other documents which you can find to support your relationship. For those who wish to bring their children with them from Thailand. Then a K2 visa will be applicable, which many forget to add in the initial application process. Always take legal advice on these issues, especially where there are children involved or your fiancée or wife was divorced and there are still child custody issues at hand. This is a very basic overview of the Form DS-160 that you will need to understand.

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