K3 Visa Documents

K3 Visa Documents

The following K3 visa documents are needed when you apply for the K3 visa. These documents are also going to be the same as the CR1 visa as well as the IR1 visa. The difference between the two are that the one is if you have been married for more than two years. The other is for those married for shorter than two years. Speak to an immigration lawyer about these three options being the K3 visa, CR1 visa and the IR1 visa. This might save you time and money when back in the United States.

K3 Visa documents

Form DS-160 – This is one of the most important forms which needs to be completed. You can see what information has to be provided to complete this form. The confirmation page of the DS-160 submitted online. Must be presented on the next stages of the visa process. This as well as when you go for the US visa interview. You will also need to provide a receipt of payment when you submitted the form. Speak to an immigration lawyer about this.

Valid Passport – It is very easy to obtain a new passport for your Thai wife when you start the process. It is always recommended that the passport has a long expiration date. This will save time when going back to the US later and you will still need to ensure that the passport is valid before the adjustment of status.

Birth certificate – It is easy enough for her to obtain an original birth certificate for your Thai wife as the Amphur office will provide this for you in less than a few minutes. If she has changed her surname in the past then a name change certificate would also be needed. You can also obtain this at the same office and at the same time.

Further Documents

Marriage certificate – This is also easy to obtain at the Amphur’s office where you have obtained the birth certificate. Again this is easy enough to obtain a certified copy and it only takes a few minutes.

Divorce or death certificate(s) – Much like the other documents. The Amphur’s office also has the divorce and death certificates which you will need. Speak to them about getting an original certificate of these or if it was a litigated divorce you will need to get a copy from court where it occurred as you will need the order of court if there has been children. This will become important when you apply for a K4 visa for the child as it will show sole or joint custody.

Police certificate – The police clearance certificate will also be needed for your Thai wife. If there is a K4 visa application for child over the age of 16, then a police clearance certificate would also be needed.

Medical examination – See on this website what is needed as well as the vaccinations needed.

Evidence of financial support – You will need to prove that you are able to take care of your Thai wife when back in the US.

Evidence of relationship with your U.S. citizen spouse – This is the biggest file as you will need to show letters, photos, emails and other proof of a real and valid relationship.

This is a very basic overview of the K3 visa process and K3 visa documents which you will need to complete the immigration process. Take proper legal advice on these issues.

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